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Hardcover Book
Purple Umpkin
$14.95 + S&H

Softcover Book
Purple Umpkin
$11.95 + S&H

Purple Umpkin

$4.95 Only


PurpleUmpkin Puzzle
Purple Umpkin

Age 3 to 8 years old - $8.95 Only

Enjoy the Murples!

PurpleUmpkin Puzzle and Math Games
Purple Umpkin

Age 3 to 8 years old - $14.95 Only

Enjoy the Murples and learn numbers!

PurpleUmpkin Math and Speed Sketch
Purple Umpkin

Age 12 + $12.95 Only

Increase your knowledge with creativity and team work!

PurpleUmpkin Word Play
Purple Umpkin

Age 10 + $12.95 Only

Wordplay is turning the game playing world upside down. Create new words!

PurpleUmpkin Coloring Book for Adults and Children
Purple Umpkin

Hard Cover Version $9.95 Only

Download Version $6.95 Only

Age 3 to 80 +

Come smile and enjoy the world of coloring!
Choose your Version:

Hooper and Rainbow Doll
Purple Umpkin

Adopt your new pet: The Hooper and Rainbow Doll

Age 10 +

Only $12.95

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For each book sold through August 30, 2013, 50% of the retail sales price will be donated to feed the children here in America.

Books bought in bulk of 20,000 or more, 65% of the gross sales price will go to feed children in America. Bulk price is $6.00 per book. If desired we will help the buyer give books to children that need them , in the buyers name. Please contact us at

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