The “Dreamer” who feeds the children

“Read With A Child, And Help Feed A Child”

Michael John McCann has a life long track record of community service and involvement. An entrepreneur who ran a successful commercial finance and real estate business, he was a member and former chairman of the Westborough Housing Authority. He was instrumental in creating the town’s senior center and an affordable housing development for the elderly. Now residing in Florida, Michael is the author of PURPLE UMPKIN, the first in a series of illustrated children’s books featuring the Murples.

Imagine feeding a child through a book…
This is exactly what my purpose was in writing this book. It is great to see my book in print, but what makes it special is although you will discover “PurpleUmpkin”, and our enjoyable Murple characters, you will be feeding a child. My main focus of this project is to feed underprivileged children in America. This book is allowing me to help these children and through doing so, I may help them to discover the dreams they have and allow them to come true. It is my goal to continue this passion until one day authors engage with me; together we can have others read a book and feed a child. – Michael John McCann

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Gary B. Faerber

I read your book a while back. I would like to know how to get published, since I do own The Time Is Right Publishing but ran out of funds, how do you do this. I have sent numerous submissions to agents as well as other publishers and cannot find a way to market this children’s storybook without going more in debt. I know about Kindle but cannot set the images with the pixels without costing more money. If you can help I would love to hear from you in any sort of way. I am a member with Small Business Network and would like to publish this properly for enterprise in marketing sales. My name is Gary B. Faerber with the Neanderthal Feather Walkers.

Joanne and Emily Mai

Dear Mike~

Thank you so much for the copy of your book. It’s great! What a wonderful story filled with positive messages.

We look forward to following the Murples and their adventures for many years to come.

Thank you again and thank you for thinking of us. It was great to meet you.

Joanne and Emily Mai

Michael John McCann

Dear Adele,

I am just getting this message and I do not know why. I am very interested in setting up a program over there. the book has been in some class rooms. A library or two also over there. Please let me know . I would love to do something with you. Best always. © 2012 - 2021 All Rights Reserved.
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